Alpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt
46. Jahrestagung, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), Klagenfurt/Österreich

MATES 2016

Zeit und Ort

Dienstag-Freitag 28.09. - 30.09. E 1.05 HS 9 CFP, Programmkomitee, Kontakt

The MATES conference series aims at the promotion of and the cross-fertilization between theory and application of intelligent agents and multiagent systems. It provides an interdisciplinary forum for researchers and members of business and industry to present and discuss latest advances in agent-based computing with prototyped or fielded systems in various application domains.

Tuesday, September 27

14:30-15:30h: Doctoral Consortium Session 1 (HS 9)

Chairperson: Alexander Pokahr

Learning in Holonic Multi-Agent Based Stigmergic Medical Diagnosis System
Zohreh Akbari

Towards Context-Dependent Heuristics on Capability Descriptions Utilising an Artificial Notion of Meaning
Johannes Fähndrich

A Holonic Multi-Agent Control System for Networks of Micro-Grids
Sajad Ghorbani

16:30-17:30h: Doctoral Consortium Session 2 (HS 9)

Chairperson: Alexander Pokahr

Ontology Support of Agent-Based Electricity Market Modelling
Geovanny Poveda

A Swarm of Aquatic, Mobile Robots to Mitigate Harmful Algae Blooms
Adam M. Schroeder

Wednesday, September 28

09:00-10:30h: INFORMATIK, KI and MATES 2016 Joint Keynotes (HS A)

11:00-12:30h: INFORMATIK, and MATES 2016 Joint Keynotes (HS A)

14:00-15:30h: MATES Session 1: Human-Agent Interaction (E 1.05)

Chairperson: Matthias Klusch

Welcome, Opening

MATES 2016 Keynote: Creating Affective Bonds in Human-Robot Interaction
Elisabeth Andre, Universität Augsburg

Joint Human-Agent Activities: Challenges and Definition
Sebastian Ahrndt and Sahin Albayrak

16:00-17:15h: MATES Session 2: Agent-Based Adaptation and Optimisation (E 1.05)

Chairperson: Jan Ole Berndt

Using Models at Runtime to Adapt Self-Managed Agents for the IoT
Inmaculada Ayala, José Miguel Horcas, Mercedes Amor Pinilla, and Lidia Fuentes

Dynamic (Dis-) Information in Self-Adaptive Distributed Search Systems with Information Delays
Friederike Wall

Multi-Actor Architecture for Schedule Optimisation based on Lagrangian Relaxation
Georg Weichhart and Alexander Hämmerle

Thursday, September 29

09:00-10:30h: MATES Session 3: Agents for Smart Energy I (E 1.05)

Chairperson: Rainer Unland

MATES 2016 Keynote: Hybrid Models for Agents in Cyber-Physical Energy Systems
Peter Palensky

An Ontology-Driven Approach for Modelling a Multi-Agent-Based Electricity Market
Geovanny Poveda and René Schumann

11:00-12:30h: MATES Session 4: Applications of MAS (E 1.05)

Chairperson: Sebastian Ahrndt

S2CMAS: An Agent-based System for Planning and Control in Semiconductor Supply Chains
Raphael Herding and Lars Moench

ASP-Driven BDI-Planning Agents in Virtual 3D Environments
Andre Antakli, Ingo Zinnikus and Matthias Klusch

Demos of Three Systems Nominated for MATES Best Demo Award

14:00-15:30h: MATES Session 5: Agents for Smart Energy II (E 1.05)

Chairperson: tba

MATES 2016 Keynote: Enabling Smart Infrastructure with Intelligent Agent Technologies
Ryszard Kowalczyk

Analysis of the Effects of Storage Capabilities Integration on Balancing Mechanisms in Agent-based Smart Grids
Serkan Özdemir, Rainer Unland, and Wolf Ketter

16:00-17:30h: MATES Session 6: MAS Engineering and Modeling (E 1.05)

Chairperson: tba

DeCoF: A Decentralized Coordination Framework for Various Multi-Agent Systems
Thomas Preisler, Tim Dethlefs, and Wolfgang Renz

Dynamic Metrics for Multi-Agent Systems Using Aspect-Oriented Programming - Application to DIMA Platform
Toufik Marir, Farid Mokhati, Hassina Seridi, and Boubakar Benaissa

Design and Use of a Semantic Distance Measure for Interoperability Among Agents
Johannes Fähndrich, Sabine Weber, and Sebastian Ahrndt

Personality and Agents: Formalising State and Effects
Sebastian Ahrndt, Frank Trollman, and Johannes Fähndrich

Friday, September 30

09:00-10:20h: MATES Session 7 - Joint MATES+KI Session (HS B)

Chairperson: tba

Keynote: Automated Reasoning and Cognitive Computing
Ulrich Furbach

A Robotic Home Assistant with Memory Aid Functionality
Iris Wieser, Sibel Toprak, Andreas Grenzing, Tobias Hinz, Sayantan Auddy, Ethem Can Karao guz, Abhilash Chandran, Melanie Remmels, Ahmed El Shinawi, Josip Josifovski, Leena Chennuru Vankadara, Faiz Ul Wahab, Alireza M.Alizadeh B., Debasish Sahu, Stefan Heinrich, Nicol as Navarro-Guerrero, Erik Strahl, Johannes Twiefel, and Stefan Wermter

11:00-12:30h: MATES Session 8: MAS Collaboration and Coordination (E.1.05)

Chairperson: Matthias Klusch

Hybrid Teams: Flexible Collaboration Between Humans, Robots and Virtual Agents
Tim Schwartz, Ingo Zinnikus, Hans-Ulrich Krieger, Christian Bürckert, Joachim Folz, Bernd Kiefer, Peter Hevesi, Christoph Lüth, Gerald Pirkl, Torsten Spieldenner, Norbert Schmitz, Malte Wirkus, and Sirko Straube

Spatiotemporal Pattern Matching in RoboCup
Tom Warnke and Adelinde Uhrmacher

Analysing the Cost-Efficiency of the Multi-Agent Flood Algorithm in Search & Rescue Scenarios
Florian Blatt, Matthias Becker, and Helena Szczerbicka<

Closing with Best Paper Award and Best Demo Award