Alpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt
46. Jahrestagung, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), Klagenfurt/Österreich

Workshop on Current AI Research in Austria (CAIRA)

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Tuesday, 27.09 | 08:45 - 17:30h
Raum HS 7

Answer set programming (ASP) is a widely used declarative programming paradigm based on the stable-model semantics. Over the years, the formalism has been extended with new language elements, advanced evaluation techniques have been developed, and efficient and expressive systems have been realized. These advancements turned ASP into a rich modeling language which was successfully applied to various tasks in artificial intelligence and beyond, including combinatorial problems and knowledge-intense tasks. Driven by the needs of applications, ongoing research in the field comprises, for instance, the integration with other paradigms (such as constraint programming), distributed computation, temporal and stream reasoning. These developments aim at the ultimate goal of equipping ASP with the features needed for realizing modern information systems. This workshop focuses on recent trends in the area of ASP, including novel techniques for the evaluation of ASP programs, extensions of the formalism, integration with other formalisms, and advancements of systems. Furthermore, discussions of applications of ASP and its extensions in AI and industry are welcome.

Session 1

08:45-08:50h Welcome Note
Franz Wotawa
08:50-09:10h Group Presentation Andreas Holzinger, HCI-KDD Institute for Medical Informatics/StatisticsMedical
University Graz

09:10-09:30h Group Presentation Thomas Eiter, Knowledge-Based System Group
Vienna University of Technology

09:30-09:50h Group Presentation Ernst Buchberger, Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support
CeMSIIS, Medizinische Universität Wien

09:50-10:10h Group Presentation Franz Wotawa, Institut für Softwaretechnology
Graz University of Technology

10:10-10:30h Group Presentation Stefan Woltran, Database and Artificial Intelligence Group
Vienna University of Technology

Session 2

11:00-11:20h Group Presentation Gerhard Friedrich, Intelligent Systems and Business Informatics
University of Klagenfurt

11:20-11:40h Group Presentation Simon Hangl, Institute of Computer Science
University of Innsbruck

11:40-12:00h Group Presentation Radu Grosu, Institute of Computer Engineering
Vienna University of Technology

12:00-12:20h Group Presentation Horst Bischof, Institut for Computer Graphics and Vision
Graz University of Technology

Session 3

14:00-14:20h Group Presentation Stefan Klampfl, Know-Center

14:20-14:45h Research Presentation Ramin M. Hasani, Lukas Esterle, and Radu Grosu
Investigations on the Nervous System of Caenorhabditis elegans

12:00-12:20h Research Presentation Sergiu Gordea, Michela Vignoly, and Roman Graf
Crowdsourcing and Semantic Enrichments for European Cultural Heritag

11:20-11:40h Research Presentation Martin Kandlhofer, Gerald Steinbauer, Sabine Hirschmugl-Gaisch, and Petra Huber Artificial
Intelligence and Computer Science in Education: From Kindergarten to University

Session 4

16:00-16:30h Discussion & Wrapup

16:30h ÖGAI Assembly